Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Disability Acceptance and the "It Crowd"

"To no human charter am I indebted my rights..." This quote really struck a cord with me because there are so many of us in society who are fighting for acceptance.  I am an advocate for autism acceptance in hopes that my children will be given the same opportunities in this world as everyone else...but is acceptance something that we should be fighting for? Is it something that should be earned? The answer is NO!

Acceptance should be automatic...something we have without the interference of others. A foregone conclusion. We are not indebted to others for our rights, yet we're placed in these categories of "normal" and "regular" with a "them" and an "us" mentality.

Our society is and has always been one huge clique...you either fit in or you don't. It's like trying to get accepted by the it crowd at school based on their standards, at their discretion of whether you have what it takes to fit in with them.

My children and so many others with disabilities or whatever the situation should not have to fight for acceptance. They should just be allowed to live life! If we are not indebted to others for our rights, why does the need for acceptance even exist?

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