Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Walk Now for Autism Speaks

Houston Speak Saturday September 28

Greater Charlotte Saturday September 28

Greensboro Saturday September 28

Jacksonville, FL Saturday September 28

Richmond, VA Saturday September 28

Kansas City, KS Saturday September 28

Austin, TX  Saturday September 28

Seattle Saturday September 28

San Diego Saturday October 5

Nashville Saturday October 5

Oklahoma City Saturday October 5

Birmingham Saturday October 5

Greater Boston Sunday October 6

Dallas/Fort Worth Saturday October 12

NYC Sunday November 3

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It's been a while since I last posted, and for good reason! This school year started out VERY rocky for my son and I can honestly tell you, I was close to a melt down. Thank God for family and friends for their support! This is the first year that my son has attended public school and the situation was less than desirable. I've never fought so hard in my life for something so basic--a fair chance for my child to be educated. Within the first week of school I was overwhelmed with emails about behavior (blurting out, touching, humming) to the point that I wanted to scream. I contacted every advocate, every professional that I could think of within a hundred mile radius to get some remnant of support. Even now, while things have calmed down, I still feel as though the battle is not over. It's hard living every day wondering in the back of your mind when the next phone call, email, note home is going to come. But I have resolved in my mind that no matter what, I will keep pressing forward. I will keep fighting for my son.