Monday, January 11, 2016

Mommy Confession

I have to admit that I still have bad oldest son was diagnosed with autism over three years ago but there's no "getting use to it." You simply take it one day at a time on little sleep, a whole lot of uncertainty and hope that you have enough energy to make it through the day. I resist the urge to ask "why me?" but, instead ask for the wisdom and insight to be the best mom that I can be.

With that being said, this weekend was particularly rough when, after an eye exam, I was bluntly told that my son was basically blind without glasses.

Thankfully corrective lenses are working for him, otherwise he could be declared legally blind. I really felt like someone had punched me in the stomach and I had a small breakdown that lasted for much of the weekend. The hardest thing in life has got to be the knowledge that you, as a parent, can't always make everything okay. Some things are well beyond your control and you learn to accept your limitations.

But my hope remains the same...that throughout the course of this journey as a mom, that I'm doing something right even when there's so much wrong...

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