Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Calming a Child with Autism: Parenting 101

I needed this advice yesterday! My son had a complete meltdown in school because he had lost points for talking in class. Being a teacher myself,  I try to support the expectations for behavior and consequences that my children's teachers have developed for their classroom.

What I learned from this article is that maybe my own expectations were a little too much for my son. His meltdown likely stemmed from his anticipation of losing TV time or having an earlier bedtime at home because he lost those points. I wish there was a parenting handbook for children with autism because (a) it would be a best seller and (b) it would make life so much easier!

I absolutely realize my mistake of not aligning my expectations with the needs and nature of my son. Will I continue to make mistakes on this journey?  Yes! But this was definitely a lesson LEARNED!

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