Sunday, May 17, 2015

Many parents struggle with trying to figure out the best way and the best time to tell their child that they have #autism. Trust me, this is no easy task...particularly if the child already has receptive or expressive language deficits that make communication difficult. I remember spending 10 minutes going into a discussion about autism with my oldest son, only to become overwhelmed by the barrage of questions that followed; questions for which I didn't really have a kid-friendly answer. I was relieved when he finally moved on, no more aware of what autism meant than he had been before our conversation. The bottom line is that there is no definitive way to talk to your child about autism. You may even want to ask yourself: what am I hoping to accomplish by having this conversation? Is this discussion necessary for my child at this point in their life? Whatever decision you make, go in with a game plan so that your child doesn't walk away with more questions than answers.

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