Thursday, June 2, 2016

Autism & Water Safety

It's that time of the year again when families are heading to the pool or flocking to the beach to beat the heat. Having a water safety plan should be as important as your child's swimming gear or sunscreen. Children with autism especially need to be monitored because they oftentimes do not realize signs of danger, which makes them highly susceptible to accidental drownings. Your water safety plan should include:
● A designated person or persons who will be your child's constant companion in the water. This could be another adult or a peer buddy. If a peer buddy is recruited,  make sure an adult is in close proximity at all times.
● Procedure for if one of the companions must leave your child's side for a moment.  Who will he or she notify?
● Floatation devices like the arm, leg or body floaties sold at Dollar Tree or other places for as little as a dollar.
● Cell phone close by in case of an emergency.
●Knowledge of CPR protocol in the event that an accident happens.

Remember, having a plan does not mean that you are EXPECTING something bad to happen. It just means that you want to be proactive about keeping your child's safety first!

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