Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Life On the Spectrum

Mommyhood is a huge responsibility by itself. Throw in a disability and things can become pretty interesting,  to say the least. Poor sleeping habits, poor eating habits, meltdowns, communication...a day in the life of an autism mom can be a downright roller-coaster ride. But we survive it and we need to let others know that they will survive it too!

When I first saw the image of the mom sprawled on the chair, I laughed to myself because I could see myself through this image. Then I realized that we need to share more of our stories so that we can support other parents who may be struggling trying to adjust to life on the spectrum.

As parents of children with autism, we should speak freely about our feelings; not to be judged but to support those in their own journeys as well as raise awareness about our experiences for those standing on the outside looking in.

What are your thoughts? 

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