Friday, July 10, 2015

Factors That Influence the Impact of Child's Disability on the Family

Although this is not an exhaustive list, these are factors that influence the impact of a child's disability on the family unit:

  • Socioeconomic status: simply put, you have more human and fiscal resource options when you have more money.
  • Education:  parents and caregivers who have more education may be likely to research more extensively to find answers. More parents need to become better educated about their child's disability and the resources that are available for them.
  • Culture: there are differences in how disabilities are handled within various cultures. Some may see a disability as a stigma or handle matters privately without outside interference, making diagnosis and interventions difficult. Early diagnosis and intervention initiatives should include direct interactions with families in minority communities. 
  • Physical: the more obvious a disability,  the more uncomfortable parents may be with socializing or other public outings. 
  • Communication Deficits: if the child is not able to articulate his needs, it could lead to frustration on the part of both the parents and the child. The same is true for children who exhibit behavior problems.
  • Support Systems: do they exist? How stable are these systems when it comes to meeting the needs of the family? 
Every family is different,  so the true impact of a child's disability can only be accurately measured on a case by case basis. However, an assessment of the family's needs should be done in order to determine the best resources to use to improve their overall quality of life.

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