Friday, June 26, 2015

Autism Research: Real or Embellished Science?

It is extremely difficult to not find an article about the "latest findings" or "cutting research" about autism that is subsequently debunked by yet another study or article a day or two later. I constantly find myself questioning both the validity and the reliability of these studies. Are these researchers truly reporting concrete findings from well-organized studies or are they playing on the emotions of parents looking for answers regarding their children's diagnosis? Any reasonably orchestrated study on a disability of this nature should take years to accurately analyze and report; even then,  findings should be reported with caution.

I wonder about any research study that reports a link between autism and cesareans that is ultimately refuted, causing needless panic and emotions for expecting parents wrestling with the decision of delivering their child via this method. Yes, we need a lot of research about the causes and implications of an autism diagnosis but what we don't need is a bunch of quackery and embellished science making our lives even more uncertain than it already is.

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